Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Preparations

It occurs to me that a year ago I was homeless. I had read of a competition to win a block of land in Caledon Tamrannoch. The rules required a note card stating why you would like to own the block. Writing that note card made me consider some things I hadn't considered. And also set me to really wanting something I had never had any ambition to have.

So define what I wanted then? I really, plain and simply wanted somewhere to stick my things out. To decorate the landscape with a bit of Audrey.

Well I didn't win the block of land. But I did realise that I was now placing a value on having a place of my own. I went on a hunt that went from Caledon to Steelhead and the to Wyre. Reading through the blog all the way back to the beginning you will meet me at that moment.

So here I am 12 months later. I have moved a few times, fallen in and out of love and had to move on. Wyre, then Winterfell are behind me now. And Steelhead has popped up once more after I settled in Caledon.

Home in sl has come to mean a lot more than some where to decorate. As I set up my Christmas decorations, hang the cards I have received and we send out our own I am reflecting on home. The homes in sl are about a place in the community. An anchor. It defines me. represents me when I am not online. Stuff like that. if it wasn't 1 am I guess I would prattle more. But I am too tired to type any more! Goodnight!

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