Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Gardening in Southend

Dear Readers... I am tired.. I have had a stomach upset and I think I may actually be incoherent. I may have another stab at writing this, or maybe I on at your own risk!

I have had gardens in my SL. But I tend to prefer a more rugged, sparse landscape. Flick back through these bloggings and you will see what I have called a garden up til now.
But since acquiring a tiger, it has become plain that my sparse gardens do not compensate for the forests he has had to give up.

So it was time to create a garden fit for a tiger.
I ran all over sl. Hunting high and low, near and far for low prim plants. I have few enough prims left in Caledon in any case, and I wanted this to be just right! I built the garden with the funds I raised building the Newfoundland village... Photos and story to come on that too!
One of my favourite things was garden poofers. I have three sorts... flower poofers, growing lawn poofers and dandelion poofers. :) they are just tooo cute.
I really enjoy watching new plants welling from the ground and to see butterflies and dandelions drifting around my home.
I loved watching the tiger explore the new garden.

ohhhhhhh cute

And as a birthday present there is a special tiger tree that also works quite fine for leopards :)

But most of all I am glad to see the tiger make himself at home.

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