Saturday, February 28, 2009

"More news!".. or alternative title "Prim Fever"

Miss Reghan
mmmm. I saw dots at Miss Reghan's hat shop in Southend and went to investigate. A moving sale! The gears whirl in my mind as I consider the likely sequence of events.. Miss Reghan moves her business, block comes up for sale, I ponder the prims, waivers undecided and misses the chance. Much like I did when Wrath was moving to his sim, I jumped in early and went straight to Miss Reghan so I could start my thinking before it was advertised. Next thing I know I have bought it. Blimey! hmmm So.. I am thinking of selling my Steelhead house. Too much spending going on once more. And again I am finding the split of spare prims between two sims a sad waste. Is my gorgeous light house in Steelhead. I am happy to consider offers with and without the light house but actually, I don't even know how land sales in Steelhead are conducted so I am not positive what to do about it right now!

Part two of my messing around in the last 24 hours has been another invitation to wear one of Reghan's hats.
A choice of pillbox or beret.

As I tend to prefer more manish Victorian gear, I thought the pillbox would be the better choice for me.

So the process goes like this: choose a hat, figure some clothes to go with it, then get hat to suit hair, hop into huge velvet sphere, stand on pose stand, have photo taken, chat for an hour...

None of my dresses really suited the hat. I thought hard, toyed with my Edward suits that I am fond of, then plucked this one form inventory because some time when I wore it, I had the presence of mine to change the name to something that indicated that last time I wore it, I approved.
This is one from Bare Rose.

Then to hair.. needed something that wouldn't obscure the hat. I needed to mod the hair a little as that seemed easier than tipping the hat too much around. So good not to have to worry about hat hair like you do it rl :)

Once that was all sorted, it was time for photos.

Below, you see me inside the big velvet sphere sitting on the pose stand. And Miss Reghan outside taking photos.
She flipped the button a few times till I was just so and then in no time at all she had a photo.

Then there was nothing left to do, but talk her legs off.... a slightly more time consuming job!

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