Thursday, February 19, 2009


I guess I didn't land in Steelhead with as much noise as I have landed at my other homes.
I have chronicled the various moves I have made around sl and how I ended up living in Caledon Southend. Now I just need to add how the circle has been completed with my arrival in Steelhead :)
Back when I first went house hunting I found a block of land at Wyre and a block of land at Steelhead. I was torn. Couldn't decide which way to jump.
I met Krystine Qinan while I was wandering around and she invited me along to one of the Steelhead town meetings. What an outrageous event that was. I had never seen anything so funny in sl.

I cant even rem
ember what decided me in the end. I loved the community at Steelhead, but Wyre had a quiet wildness. I chose Wyre. History happens, I moved and moved, and ended up in Caledon.
In the lead up to Christmas, I was feeling a little overwhelmed by Southend. So much going on, so many people passing by. I loved it, but I needed a little space. I guess I was also feeling a bit confined after being used to the freedom and space of Fathom. Anyhow, I heard on the wind that a new sim was being added to Steelhead, and there is some charm in being an early settler so I found myself a spot and waited for it to be ready. Meanwhile I ran home to Southend, erected a sky platform and began building a light house. You can see a picture of it in the blog entry for 30th January.Soon as the block was ready I dropped the light house on it and there it is, looking mighty handsome in my opinion.
Since the end of Christmas crazy, I dont seem to need the Steelhead house so much and have turned it into a shop. Today someone bought the first thing from it!
Another first- today I got myself to the town meeting. This is the first time I have managed to stay for a whole meeting as normally I am at work.
The meeting is chaired by Fuzzball, who I think deserves a medal.

Let me say this: They are stark raving mad
I have nothing further to add.


Wildstar said...

land ... land ! always new land for Miss Auds !

Eleanor Anderton said...

So this was the meeting you were visiting with me while chaos reigned around you? "Heh"