Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Meaningless Drivell

"lah lahl alah lah" she sings and skips around sl, aimlessly.
ok.. seems to be happy days in SL. After months and months and months of medium to high level drama, I am wandering around doing serious stuff like trying on hair demos, playing in photo booths and attending games in Raglan Shire.

It seemed that just as my rl was letting go of me for the day, the rest of SL headed off to bed or work. So vastly unfair sometimes how the Ozzies are abandoned in our evenings.
So I was left to wander SL on my own for a while.

During the day, Fogwoman had sent a message that there was a free photographic studio in Oxbridge Village. I popped over to have a look and played briefly on the pose stand. You get to choose poses and backgrounds. I played quite briefly then got distracted by my hair and wondered if Wunderlich's had any new styles that might suit.
(I told you this would be meaningless, you were warned...)
If you are interested here is the SURL
And then the picture I took....
Just as I returned home from hair experimentation at Wunderlich's, who should appear but Cheeseweasel. The two of us settled to the business of building and scripting.

After a little while I bothered Mr Pearse with questions about selling land and he suggested I join him at Raglan Shire to play Primtionary.
Raglan Shire is the home of tiny-ness. It is a lovely place, full of lovely people as far as I can tell. Before settling into the fun, I made a quick change into Little Auds.
The theme was St Patricks day.
There is a person building. They are given a secret word by the host and have 10 minutes to build it and have the audience guess. Tonight's audience were premier guessers. Some one guessed 'rainbow' correctly from a flattened cube of untextured prim....
When you guess correctly, you take the next turn as builder.

I guessed correctly very shortly after arriving and was very embarrassed.. having no idea what I was doing or how hard it might be, I opted for an easy one. I got given the word 'gold' to build. Too easy!!
It was guessed as soon as I put a colour on it.

My second winning guess saw the crowd urge for evil.. the hardest words to build.
The word "jig" Cripes!
I called on the brains trust (ie one of the kids) and was advised to build a jig saw. Seemed easier than other options though was harder to reproduce than I have anticipated. The crowd however was as brilliant as ever and quickly got the point of my oddly shaped, nearly fitting prims.
Well... that was fun and I thank Mr Edward for his brilliant suggestion. I need some one to nudge me next Tuesday so I get along to another one!

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