Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Teaching Taz to Build

Tzaizqan has mentioned a few times that he would like to start building but time in SL can seem to run through your fingers like sand grains. It seems that getting him started just drifted. Finally though he decided that he wanted to build a phone booth. Great! here was an objective. An object actually. Much more fun to aim towards than just "lets rez a cube, shall we?".
An ozzie phone booth is about as attractive as a 1970s shower cubicle. What we wanted to build was a traditional Pommy red Phone booth, so it required a brief time in google images and then I had a mental map of what he wanted to build.
Next was the job of figuring what prims and textures would combine to best represent this. So off we went. Taz rezzing, me nudging. Really very little nudging was required. Intuitive builder, he is. When he saw what I meant and was shown a couple of short cuts... off he went.
There now stands a vintage, if not quite Victorian public phone booth in Caledon Southend.
We are now looking for the next project for the tiger to sink his teeth into :)

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