Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Flooding at Steelhead

I arrived in world to hear cries of calamity.
Steelhead was awash.

The seas flooded in and crashing on our door steps. Nature unsettled, things washed ashore and others set adrift!

Kind Tensia lent me a boat to sail.

It sank though, then vanished before I had nearly enough fun!

Thank goodness I have built the lighthouse high on rocks, only the cushions on my outdoors chair were ensoggened.


Eleanor Anderton said...

"ensoggened" - down under for really drippy wet?

Cathy and Audrey said...

"ensoggened" Auds speak for..too wet to worry about dry cleaning. Other uses for ensoggened would be:
"The cat was inadvertently put in the front loading washer and is now ensoggened"

Anonymous said...

The explanation for this extraordinary event can be only one of two things Auds -

Global Warming


Steelhead is a suburb ( US residents Google it :P ) of Coffs Harbour.