Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tanglewood Menagarie

I am smiling to myself tonight as I tend to the menagerie.

We went shopping... to Jon Haskell's shop, Sculpty Creation Animals at
and bought a family of animals to inhabit the Grove.

Meet the frogs.. names.... ahhh oversight. None of the animals have names yet!

Then there is the Belted Galloway. He is there to impress a young lady. And how could she fail to be impressed?

Tonight's question: What is the plural of platypus. Seems it might just be platypus or platypuses. I would love to say platypi but it turns out that Platypus is of Greek heritage so the plural would be platypodes. I like it!
When I first installed them, Mister had a bit of an issue as he swam around the pond. Essentially he was not rezzing.. I had a blinking ball popping around the pond. I IMed Mr Haskell and during the Ozzie evening, he came online and sent me a fix, and now I have a perfectly formed platty swimming around. Programming his swimming area was perfectly easy.

The ducks arrived later as I watched the platties play.. I couldn't resist adding just one, two.. more creatures.

I have been watching the animals from lofty heights. Just off my left flank is the bank where the platypodes live, off my left shoulder is the bull, and then to right the frogs and far right the ducks.
My kingdom.