Saturday, June 20, 2009

Making Dresses

I went for a wander the other day and ended up in Nix Sands' shop and I am just so impressed with the tiny things he is making!
Nix is making things for Loco Poco tinies. Very detailed, lovely things.
My new resolution is to give the detail a bit more attention.
Today I fiddled on a dress I began sometime in the last couple of days t'il it was done. I was making Flora Moppet. Pretty floral with stripes and lace. She even has fancy drawers under her full length skirt

I got her into vendors and onto SLexchange and then considered how many designers in SL create a range on the same style. So I went and played in, created a texture in pinks and browns which are on of my current favourite colour combos and tadah! Coco Moppet is born! All original textures. And a lot of fun to make and wear!


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