Thursday, November 26, 2009

How much longer?

I think I may have SL burn out.
I love my SL homes but have run out of prims. So there is no room for building.
My circle of friends has shrunk.
My time available has shrunk
I crash when I load textures
Xstreet is going to become a gamble instead of a steady, if small earner to offset my expenses.

I miss old, rude, wicked and Victorian Caledon. It is a very modern Caledon these days and that is fine, but I lament what has gone.

I am not sure if my SL will survive these feelings. Maybe it filled a need for me once, and right now, I am ready to be in RL for a bit?

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Wildstar said...

greetings Miss Auds.
I am sorry you no longer feel accomplished in SL.
I understand very well the prim issue. Creating is fun, but creating requires prims, and prims require real money.
Maybe you can come out with a rotation scheme among your creations, even if I understand it is painful to spend a lot of time to make something beautiful and then keep it in the inventory.

On my side I miss the period you had a home on the docks of Laudanum.

I hope you soon find a new balance that makes you happy again