Monday, November 16, 2009

A year

A year ago I went to a dance in SL. It was very close to hilarious in some ways. Tzaizqan was taking us to show support to a friend of his who was doing some fund raising I think.
There was an Elvis impersonator. We were being held close to giggles while he sang and we danced.
Taz had asked about partnership in SL. Just exactly what did it mean? Maybe I wasn't completely straightforward with him but I told him it could mean whatever you wanted obviously. There is no legal standing, it is obviously simply an understanding between two people defined by themselves.

So we danced and laughed and talked...

We talked about what it meant to us and Taz described it as "a commitment to get to know each other better". A year later we do :)


Fogwoman Gray said...

Sort of how Vivito asked me, someone to go exploring with and get to know better. A year later we do too ;)

Anonymous said...

Audrey and Taz my very best wishes to you both for many more wonderful SL years together.

Rory and the spirit of Wil Beaumont