Saturday, February 13, 2010


I have been busy lately in SL.
I seem to be dashing hither and thither getting vendors sorted, putting out lucky chairs, St Valentines freebies, and getting the vendors finally ready for the two new houses.. St Albans and Tiny St Albans.

Tiny St Albans Vendor

I have made a pile of quick furnishings to set them up for photos. But it all takes time. Chews it up so fast it is crazy actually.

Victoriana has gone from a tiny friendly place with a tiny corner set aside in Victoriana square, to having one whole tiny sim! As a result, one of my jobs was to furnish the new store I have there right next to the arrival point.

The Maxi-St Albans. It includes the lovely deck that steps down to sea level

That seemed like a good reason to get organised, so i have sorted all the tiny clothes into categories and loaded vendors in a less haphazard way. The I took down the old store. I have to swap titles between "Audacious" to "Tiny Storekeeper" to "tiny artisan" as I flit between my three homes and not once but twice I have had the entire contents of a store land back in my inventory!
Anyway, I am done for tonight.
It is 1am and time for me to sleep
Good night blog readers !

The freebie set out at Tinytoriana

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