Sunday, February 28, 2010


Day of mopiness is over and I am onward and forward again.
Important question for self then is "what is forward?" Next question is "who is driving?" "Does there need to be a driver?" "Should I drive?"
Tricky questions..
At the moment there isn't a driver. What happens, happens without a plan. I don't know if there should be a driver and while I don't want to drive, I suspect I do need to be a bit more pro-active.
This is all probably more than anyone wants to know. This is about my whole life. not just the SL bit. But I have some goals. That at least is the beginning of driving this life of mine

RL plan: Drag the UK cat to Oz

SL plan: Earn enough to be able to buy a plot of land by the water. While the new arrangement isn't breaking my heart, I miss the water. I really, really do.

I found a plot of land in Victoriana Harbour.. it is stunningly gorgeous. But I just need to have a little breathing space from tier.

And here is something... I am a stayer. I figure I will be around people will come and go from the gorgeous places, and when I am ready .....

As well as stayer... I have a streak of naughty.... yesterday I went to brand new Caledon Pangur Ban. I think my prim might be the only one there.....

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