Thursday, February 25, 2010


I am sitting stunned
not sure what

I moved into Southend in 2008 when I needed somewhere to hide from the troubles I was having in Fathom. The first block was bought by my alt, Heppi Swashbuckler. But as the end days of Fathom played out, I kept my ears to the ground and heard that Wrath was selling the two blocks on the corner. One of them was originally owned by an avatar called Cogsan. Cogsan had been a fairly horrible episode in my life and so it was odd to end up with a plot of land some how connected to her.

Anyway, in a farcical moment, Heppi and I met with Des, while Rory dropped in to bother Des and Brioni came over to say "hi" ....I ran through my house between computers while the two girls swapped land holdings til it was all sorted and Auds owned the three blocks. Rory got kicked out for good, Brioni must have thought I was crazy and I dont know that Des has ever quite trusted me since!

Time passes and I have been pretty much a model citizen since.. But time has come to make some decisions and one is that it would be better to have a smaller commitment for my credit card to have to manage. A while ago Muse asked me if I was interested in selling. At that time I wasn't but it did plant a seed so the next time I heard some one was looking, I mentioned to Mr Edward that I might be able to tear a bit off my parcels.

That much achieved without too many tears, when Alastair asked me if I was willing to sell him a piece.... well I said yes before I could change my mind. He was quite kind, realising the emotional ties I have there and offered to include a small parcel of his from Southend. A drastic downsizing.
But it will save me quite a bit per month and will hopefully mean that with my little sales of houses and moppet stuff, I may actually be able to run Second life cash neutral. Which in the long term is the only way I will be able to do it.

Don't ask me how I feel about it right now though, as I may cry


Wildstar said...

don't be too sad, Miss Auds

it is part of the cricle of life

you used to have a beautiful plot in Laudanum and I enjoyed having you as neighbor, then you moved to own a full HS with Fathom (it still pains me to think about the lost Winterfell sims). Now you have been a Caledon Citizen for a long while, and you still are ... there will be new lands and new experiences

Smile ! :)

Cathy and Audrey said...

.. smiles.. thanks Wildstar :)

Edward Pearse said...

I know how you feel. Wanting to cut back on my rent expenses I have put up for sale my Victoria City plot. That was the first land I ever owned in SL and I've had it since the sim first rezzed.

But thank you for selling me the plot.

Fogwoman Gray said...

Miss Audrey,
I have to say that you had a terribly rough time and came through fire. And you did it with far more class and grace than many of us have managed.
You are a true lady, and a true friend.
And however much land you do or don't own, or where, or even what virtual space you inhabit, I hope to always be your friend.

Cathy and Audrey said...

Gives fogwoman a huge hug and wishes like mad I could sit down and have a cup of coffee with you sometime :)