Monday, April 5, 2010

Under Instructions

I have been told i must post a blog! His regal Highness, the tiger Tzaizqan has insisted that I must blog while he suns himself.
I actually have been so busy I do not have time to blog.
I have been busy making things for the Raglan Sci Fi and Space 4th Birthday celebration. And that means I haven't made any progress at all on the new blocks and moving in and making them look inhabited.
I thought I would for the sake of history, show a shot of each of the places I currently have an interest and why I am chasing my tail!

Raglan's 4th Bday
Because I have a shop in Heron Shire, which is part of Raglan, I get to put a vendor up when they hold special themed events. This works pretty well for me as a tier offset as the sales are generally quite good. The Heron Shire shop is slow business so I am looking at relocating within Raglan. Fingers crossed!!

Heron Shire
Today I was busy building tiny things (Tiny Arthur Moppet and the Balmain Space Buggy) at my completely under-developed block at Caledon Downs. It's my main prim home. Lots of prims to play with.
1100 prims

I still haven't done anything but plonk a house there so that it doesn't look abandoned and I am feeling a little guilty about the look of the place. Still, I was building like a demon to get my tiny things done when I got an IM from Kaye Robiani inviting me to join her new sim Honfleur Harbour.
Honfleur is based on a French Provincial feeling
She has let me set up shop in the store, second from the right. It is very lovely and I am again crossing my fingers and hoping that this is another great opportunity.

I have hardly even had time to whizz by Tanglewood, though I did have a long talk with my neighbour from there, Newbitt. And have had many a chat with my next door neighbour, Valerian. It is very very nice to have chatty people round me once more.

And finally I flew by my home, Caledon Southend to take a photo. I still have it set as home. Funny. A sentimental accident. My original home sim in Caledon has stayed my home sim since I first bought land there as Heppi.
Right now I am chatting away with Muse.. and you know.. it is good to be home

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