Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I have been pottering around in Second Life today. Not rushing to finish a project but just having a bit of a mental wander. I have been doing some gardening at Caledon Downs and I think that the block is really looking quite nice now.
Down by the house, below the veggie patch I have a workspace where I can propagate seeds and pot up the iris when they need to be split form the sets in the garden.
I have been spending quite a lot of time lately on Moppet dresses and in my absence, a spider took up residence on my trowel. Taz, being a pom and unused to their company, has a reluctance to share his spaces with spiders but I am quite happy with them. I left the spider alone and went about my business.
I will wander round the garden tonight, check that all is in order, then head down to Tanglewood and finish the house there.

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