Monday, April 26, 2010

Bunnies For Sale

So.. I spent the weekend obsessing about rabbits The bottom line is.. I now know a bit more about it, but the pricing seems quite inconsistent across the grid. Tonight I just TPed over and again. My goal was to try to understand how the prices apply. What the hierarchy of rareness is. To find a pattern. Didn't discover it. There are a couple of things that were obviously highly sought after such as HOTOT (eyeliner bunnies) and Castor.. and a couple of others that I couldn't afford even think about but after that.. then what? Seems two floppy ears are more valuable than one. So I go home .. and I have some. White shiny bunnies attract more advertising... have some of those... A few colours in the Rex line.. tick Jewel eyes.. almost a compulsory for me after my first reckless purchases. I see that black has been retired so maybe it will be scarcer.. they certainly look stunning. So I invest in a couple.. get home to find I already had some. I didn't spend much on any of them except one white so I don't know. Maybe I am just an exceptional shopperer?? I have littered my sims with bunnies. I think I will have to build some kind of book case as I am now completely confused about what I have and where they are :) meanwhile, you can find bunnies for sale at Caledon Downs and Caledon Southend

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