Sunday, October 24, 2010

Not Quitting

Yesterday I wrote a sad piece. I debated leaving it so public and exposed. I nearly removed it because I worry what people think. But in the end, because this is my space for me, I left it there. It is where I am and maybe in the future I will look at that day and be grateful it is behind me.
This morning I decided to close this blog down.
I have spent 30 minutes trying tabs to find one that takes it off line without losing what this is to me: my diary. Just keep it, tucked away and private. Not to be added to and not to be lost.

Then I read my post about learning to make my googley eyes blink from back in April. I remembered the pleasure that gave me.
And it has made today possible.
So Audrey's blog lasts another day... and maybe I won't leave SL today

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