Wednesday, October 6, 2010

So what happened?

Poor old blog has been so neglected.
What happened isn't just one thing but a number of things.
Firstly: the rabbits. Time consuming, thought consuming, money consuming and ultimately unsatisfactory.
I was addicted. Every day hatching a few more, pairing them, looking forward to seeing what new traits I could unravel. Basically, over the course of time I spent a huge amount of money, unravelled the gene pool and then looked at what I had and it isn't worth it. It has not been an artistic endeavour. It hasn't fed my soul. It didn't enrich my life with interesting people.
I am deleting bunnies now. Hundreds of them. I have a few left. But as each pair nests and goes back to breeding cool down, I look at them and ask.. do I care what offspring they have? The answer is almost always "no" and then I pull them into inventory and let them hibernate.

Second? RL. Three years of sitting at the computer and it is time to step out again. I have joined a gym, work more days a week and simply don't have the time any more.

Third? I can't be bothered starting again. So many of my friends in sl have also pulled back or moved on and I can't muster the energy to explore new relationships. I tried back tracking to an old one but that didn't work either.

Fourth? Now that I am working more days, I am not often on-line when the rest of the world is, so it is the lonely ozzy hours that I walk around.

So I think I can see my time in sl drawing to an end. Slow and gradual. No bitterness and just a little sadness. I am hosting a Quilt Exhibition in Caledon this coming weekend. After canvasing for entries for a month, I have received two. In my opinion, that reflects the community that was once was Caledon. I don't know what people want from Caledon any more. It doesn't seem that they want the community that was once there.

As I said, I am not bitter about this at all, but a little sad to see the passing of something that was so important to me, a life line for me in its time


Edward Pearse said...

This is one of the reasons I'm no longer in Caledon any more. To me it had grown too big and no longer had a community feel. New Babbage, despite its dire need of greenery, has a very vibrant and active community.

If I see you online I'll try and make a point of dragging you out of your skybox or something.

Hope the RL thing works out too :-)

Cathy and Audrey said...

looking forward to being dragged out

Fogwoman Gray said...

I am sorry we are on such different timelines!
And I totally understand your feelings. Caledon, like all communities, is basically just a sum of the people there, so as new folks move in and old timers move on it has changed.
I hope you can find a community that resonates with you, whether online or off.
You are a wonderful, patient, kind and talented woman, and I am richer for knowing you. Wherever you land, please keep in touch!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I both understand and am sad. I'm glad you posted something. So many old acquaintances have just sort of disappeared or faded away. Like Edward, I'll keep an eye out for when you are online the same time as I.