Saturday, October 23, 2010

Real Stuff

In the last week there has been about 20 minutes of Second Life.
This month I am house hunting, job hunting, making a quilt for a class and making one for a magazine that saw the first few blocks of the class quilt and wanted me to make a project for them. Oh! And I have to do my tax in the next 6 days! And have mum come to visit.
So far I have ticked 4 of 6 boxes.
It has meant a weaning.
Audrey stands along in SL in the background while I have spent time at the computer attending to some of these things. Poor Auds.
The house hunting has been fun. I half considered building a house in sl to the scale of my real life imaginary, best case scenario house. Still mulling it over.
In the last few months it has been really tough for Auds and for me. Seems to most intents and purposes Auds' life is over. Thought maybe mine too. The rush of things to do has given me a bit of a future. Not sure if it is enough.

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