Sunday, April 10, 2011

More real life nesting

Today I finally paid off my Mastercard with all ts accumulated goodies... even left a little bit of positive there.. and then swiftly went about buying a little more..

While I was in Sydney I drove down Parramatta Rd looking for 2ndsworld...
Parramatta Rd must simply be the Mecca for the home builder. My eyes boggled at all the places I wanted to stop and shop but I was so nervous with the traffic I didn't dare stop in case I could never pull out again. As it was, when I stopped at 2ndsworld, I couldn't actually head off in the direction I was planning and so had to go back down past temptation.
I found myself in the middle of a cluster of lighting shops. I wandered into the first one which was about as big as a shoe box. The man was friendly but nothing was priced so he followed me round the shop with a calculator and pencil and made up prices as I cooed.

I could have bought loads. I bought 6. He didn't have one style in store so he promised to post them to me for $15. Not even covering his cost.

They arrived in the post in just day!.. I can't find a photo of them on line, but they are sort of like this:

Black cane, but mine are not vertical lines, mine are horizontal ones.

The next set were a drum shaped light fitting. Sort of like this:
I bought the cane ones for the family room and the drums for the lounge. However the cane ones hold just one globe each while the drums hold three. I am thinking it would be better to have more light in the family room so I will now probably go the other way.

Well.. the debt from my light fitting jaunt was cleared.. long enough for me to go and investigate the Harris Scarf store that has opened and low and behold they had massive reductions off cutlery. Well I have been trying to get Taz interested in my plannings but I think the talk of the cutlery purchase might have been the last straw (taps were the second last one).

Anyway.. these are they! 12 persons worth at about 1/5 of the price. Well we all know they mark things up to reduce them, but they are a nice classic style with enough pieces for me to have guests.

For the foreseeable future, Audslife will become my building and home planning blog. Taz is tired of the stories already so I am going to bother myself with them instead :P

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Edward Pearse said...

Good to see you getting enthused about it :-)