Friday, April 8, 2011


It's been quite a week!
I went to Sydney to help open the new store. The store there will eventually be the Big sister store and the one I run will have to toddle along behind. Something my pride isn't too easy with. However the first day's trade pretty much said it all! Nice to be able to say that I helped.

And as if timed to perfection, the public service department that interviewed me phoned and arranged a conference call with Chris my boss. I hear on the grape vine that they said something like "She sounds like just what we want" when Chris described how I have managed things here in Canberra.

I will miss this job so much. I love it. I do it pretty well. There are days I feel like the swan.. gliding smoothly across the Hobbysew waters while the feet are paddling like mad under water.
But most of all i will miss the Hobbysew family. I don't think any one could ask for a better group of people to work with. Sometimes the closeness is half the problem, but they have supported me through the 4 toughest years of my life.

I suspect I am going to cry when it is time to leave. hmmm make that "know" not "suspect"

The contracts on my new home have been exchanged but it seems the government has not progressed with the land development so it is not ready for release yet. Goodness knows when.

They had better hurry up as my dinning room has run out of room. I have added 6 boxes of light fittings, three boxes of pantry containers, 3 boxes of 800x 800mm tiles.

I have been having fun on EBay buying "art". Once you have seen too much of them they start to not lok so much like art as photocopies, but in isolation, I love these purchases. Am now plotting getting them framed.

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