Sunday, April 10, 2011

Second Life Nesting

Today I did what I have needed to do for ages. I persisted against the evil lag and finally settled into Glengary. I have turned the shop round and added a garden. I have installed the platypodes

I got to thinking while in SL for a longish stretch for the first time in ages...
I miss the old folk
I want Zealot making me laugh
I want Gabbi and Hotspur sparing
And the dances where people talked in open chat
And scandal rocked our world from time to time
and the widows rocked while lamenting lost loves
When all the old folk would M'Lady and M'lord and in cultured tones say the naughtiest things
And I could build and build and build

Idon't like to lament the passing of time, but I do miss these things

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