Friday, February 1, 2008

Aley Arai's Entire Space Sim!

One of the things that has been really wonderful in NCI has been sitting at the feet, figuratively, of some of the best of Second Life's people.
At the top of our heap sits Aley!
Aley has been a wonderful patient teacher and helped me so much in my laggy days. I know that if I had been in her shoes the day she helped me with sit targets I would have ground all my teeth to stumps. My lag was killing me and I had no idea that I was actually doing it mostly right and failing because of the lag. Aley stuck with me until it all sorted. When she first told me about her sim I rushed over and got stuck in the lift. I tried again. Same thing. I couldn't get the images to load quickly enough to negotiate the trucker's stop.

Just when I was about to give up I met Aley after shouting a "hello" into the sim. Aley loaded me into her space ship and at last I was seeing this magnificent place! She was dragging me through. My slowed computer didn't have to predict... just stream what was being seen.
As you know, my lagging is behind me now. I actually suspect I am doing better than average in SL. Since then I have been back a couple of times, travelling under my own steam.

What a wonder. The textures and the detail are gobsmacking. Aley has already told me I need to "look up" next time I go.... so I think it is safe to say that this is a sim that is going to need to be a regular landmark to watch it evolve under her wonderful hands.

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