Thursday, August 28, 2008

Building Finished

The job at Babbage is done.
I installed the front door, which meant I had to make a texture for the fan light.
The installed a back door and a few more wall panels. To match the existing house, I had to get Serafina to rez me a spare house for parts :)
A back door was very important.. it was just wrong that until then Serafina couldn't enjoy her view from inside the house. While installing the doors, Nix sands sent me a tartan Caledon skin....
Tadah... me in Caledon skin and standing next to the TP I just installed!

And while trying it on, I accidentally hit the doors that hadn't been linked.
So complete with tartan skin, I could be seen searching the sim far and wide trying to find the doors :)
They were eventually found however and the scripts and all fixed to have them opening right last time I saw them.....

It was fun.

I think it was well received... and now I have nothing to do so I am fishing. Fishing is not as interesting to me as some other activities.. so I am blogging too!
But really .. I spent so many late night building this i am too tired to even proof read this blog... tomorrow and tomorrow....

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