Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Haiku Building

...a shot of me on the jetty of the competiton build, cunningly pushed into an existing waterfall!

The other day Corcosman told me that instead of the speed build, they were planning to have a 24 hour hour haiku build. 24 hours/24 prims.

As the competition was to be held on a Sunday that I was going to be working I knew it was going to be a race against the clock for me. It didnt seem too hard though as I am very accustomed to throwing a lot more than 24 prims around in shorter periods of time :)

Fortunately it was possible to pick a platform before the event. I knew I was going to miss the beginning as I was going to be at work.. and then just a few hours before it was time to sleep and then work again. A small window of time!

I got home from work on Sunday evening to read the Haiku we were building from....

Further up stream
some children very busy
paper boats pass by

My real life is about children, but not my sl so my sl build was one of the few that didn't read the children into the scene. I read that the children were upstream and soI waited downstream watching the pieces of their lives float past.

I do not consider myself an artist. And certainly incapable of abstract, so I built a tableau.

It was so much fun!

I typed the haiku out, printed it, folded it into a sailing boat, photographed it, edited out the background and popped it into the stream of animated water texture.

I found some images of reeds and removed the scene from behind it. Got some rock sculpt maps, added a pose to the jetty I built and tadah!

I took most these photos at Brigadoon and jammed the 5 x 5 build against the waterfall to make it look a bit more natural. But take a look at the last photo which shows the platform in place at the competition site....

I have won second place !!
Never expected that at all :)

Behind me in this last picture, you can see Corcosman's entry with the shifting yellow wall. Such a great idea in the visually noisey environment.

The Haiku was


Eleanor Anderton said...

Amazing as always - the little boats were - no matter what you say - an outstanding artistic bam!
Go Girl!

Corcosman said...

Gentle Reader, I was there when the voting began. A fair number of the regular VAA crowd were on hand and I can report that they were impressed with Audrey's build. Audrey may consider it 'just' a tableau, but the combination of elements was terrific. And everyone was delighted to discover the pose built into the dock. I was very impressed with the texture incorporating the haiku and shaped into the paper boats.

This build would have gotten my vote for first place even if I had not known Audrey.

Audrey said...

aww shucks and thanks Corcosman
I am now kicking dust with the toe of my shoe and feeling silly