Sunday, August 24, 2008

Babbage Canals-A Building Project

I was was rebuilding my house at Fathom the other day to get rid of the hollowed out cube thing that messes up cameras when I noticed an arrow above me. I tried really hard not to go and investigate, but failed.
I found Serafina looking around my little sky village. Her mission was to see if I was interested on a building job. She has a block of land at Babbage canals and has placed a very interesting building upon it. The job is to finish the house by putting one or two doors in it and a floor into the tower to make it a bit more useful as a dwelling. Also Serafina would like to have a deck leading to the water where in the future she would like to more a boat.
Would I be interested?
Naturally :)
Take a look at Babbage.

It is a wonderful sim. I am going to want to like there myself after this. My only reluctance is the lack of grass and trees in the urban landscape... but it is true to its theme that way.

There are some absolutely wonderful buildings there so I have to admit to being a bit intimidated.

However with me, that would never be enough to stop me from having a shot at it. So far I have had a bit of a play. I have built the wharf part first as I don't need building permissions from Serafina to do that part. I have learnt to get textures from SL, take them to my computer in and then do things with them. I have found a port hole and added it to the rock texture. Also, beneath the water there are arches. The docks face onto an underwater sim, so it seems sensible to give Miss serafina the option of an underwater presence. That meant finding an image of a rock arch.. cutting it out of its home picture, placing it over the rock texture again and then removing the rock from under the arch to make it clear.
So far so good. I am getting things sorted now for a deck to lead out onto the terrace. Then I do the house makeover.
Happy days

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Capt. Red Llewellyn said...

you're so AMAZINGLY talented, Auds!
WOW!....i am so intimidated by your talents indeed i have quite decided to NOT try and build anything past notegiving signs and flower beds..
~Capt. Red