Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fathom, going .....going.....

The Lindens have decided on a price hike for the tier due on open space sims or voids. Not a small one. A 66% one.
Add to that the falling Australian dollar...

It seems my times in Fathom are over. The times of friendship spent sitting on my steps, at pavilion playing en garde, fishing off the docks... over.

The Lindens give their reasons.

They say people have abused the voids/open spaces. There were no warnings.
There were no discussions. I can not believe their reasons nor their methods.
Winterfell is a work of art in my opinion.

A piece of public art. Worked on by a group of people with nothing more to go on than the covenant given to us by Miss Serra.

I cant imagine how she must be feeling seeing this magnificent set of sims on the verge of being dismantled.

What more can I say but good bye Fathom. I loved you.


Wildstar said...


Corcosman said...

I logged on for a short while this morning before work and the chat was going a mile a minute. I caught the gist that something big was up regarding land.

I jumped over to the SL blog and read the news.

My first thought was about you and Fathom. I'm very sorry to hear that the Lab has put you in an untenable position, that Fathom cannot go on, that Winterfell may be reduced.

Dreadful news.

Baron K. Wulfenbach said...

Lady Audrey,

What about the possibility of sharing Fathom with another? True, it may have to be reduced somewhat, but it would still remain overall.


Klaus Wulfenbach

Eleanor Anderton said...

sighs....looking at your place and mine....this is just not fair. el.