Monday, October 6, 2008

Punkin House

I can see that a few of you have persisted visiting this blog despite a rather notable lack of activity.
Things got a bit grim and then a bit heavy and then a bit grim there for a bit. I began writing a blog entry on the nature of things. Something meaningful. A story of friendships made and lost. However it is too hard. And taking too long. And so for now I give up and will post something light and cheery.
I have a listing on SLExchange! My first!
is the listing. As I get better at this I will get more up there.
The item is a pumpkin shaped house. I have to just say, it is cute to bits. The jack-o-lantern wall feature is worth it alone in my not so humble opinion, the smoking stalk with twisting vine... the sitting animations in pumpkin shaped cushions. All adds up to cute!!
Star Fairymeadows has given me a better punkin texture and I have put one of my quilts on the bed, so anyone who wants to buy one in world will get the new and improved version.


Wildstar said...

looks like a cook house Miss Auds .. it is the right season ! :)

Eleanor Anderton said...

Everyone say together, "Ohhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhh! Wonderful!" It looks really cute Audrey!