Saturday, October 25, 2008

Mid afternoon.
A day of tax returns in real life. I was chatting to Roy Smashcan about it. I hear the rest of the world does their tax in a Jan/Dec year. Here in Ozz, it is July/June. I guess because we are all at the beach in January, not filling in forms. Roy was flying through Fathom as part of the Pumpkin hunt.

There are all sorts of Halloween activities at the moment and one on tomorrow is Bardhaven's Ball. I am not sure that I will be going, but Eleanor and I had fun this afternoon trying on frocks and hair in case we go :).
I flew through a few of the regular haunts first and then we met at DG gowns. I tried on a few of my DG gowns which are just so gorgeous but ended up in this dress by Martini Discovolante.
We played with hair and skins.

Eleanor, super consumer has an enviable inventory. When she stands beside me, I feel a mere shadow :) Her skin is just so beautiful. I have tried on skins by the same maker... and it just isn't me, so i am stuck as I am.
But back at Fathom, I changed to a DG gown, recoloured my hair and figured life is good.
How nice to be so shallow on occasion after so much deep and meaningful.

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Eleanor Anderton said...

Laughs....what were we thinking...stripping off dresses right and left in the middle of the store? We both look good...I did so enjoy going goth for a bit!