Thursday, October 9, 2008

I love it when the little bell of the IM tingles and I am off on an unexpected adventure. Tonight Grandma Bates wanted to know if I would try on her steampunk face light.

I was visiting Eleanor at the time and I knew that Grandma Bates would be welcome so I teleported her in.

Let's just say... the face light were much better than I expected!
Probably the best lit faces in SL were seen in Winterfell Harbour tonight. El and I posed for Grandma as she took photos. She is going to put them up as freebies on SLexchange.

What a hoot!

Eleanor even took hers into the water and she says it is great for underwater discovery.

I love SL!!


Eleanor Anderton said...

This is just awesome! I gave mine away to a certain steambot who practically hyperventilated when he got it! And have rushed over to the 'change to get a new one. Also, Thadicus asked for the slurl so he could get one for the SSC dance the other night. Tell Grandma Bates her facelight is a hit!

Capt. Red Llewellyn said...

oh WOW...these are just amazing!
thank you!! i tried to get one at the store she has in her picks in Port Babbage but it wasn't there! but darling Eleanor...she passed one over to me! brillian!!