Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Burning Curiosity

On the side bar of this blog there is a map and there is a list of places that people have come from to visit the blog.
I check this list as often as I look for comments on the bloggings.
It is a funny thing. I write the blog for me. But it is in a public place and others can, and seem to read it.
I am intrigued that there are people who come here by accident, others on purpose, some regularly and some after putting in some words to a google search.
I wish I could sit and wave to each of you that wanders through


Anonymous said...

And then some of us read it in an RSS reader and don't actually show up in your map!

Cathy and Audrey said...

ohh I have no idea what that means..time to google

Wildstar said...

same here. I usually read from google reader ;)

Fogwoman said...

I just love being a far point on those little maps :)

Anonymous said...

I am simply a point too far.

My jokes are still an aquired taste BUT I am still teh Tpyonese Matser. I have even produced a Steampukn Tpyonese Keyboard.

Please contact me if you woudl like one - IM is fine as I have no friends my IM's never cap. Actually I do they are in my profile.

Finally all teh best to Auds & Taz and all teh other Caledon and Winterfell folk I know.

Rory (formally the avatar known as Wil Beaumont) with apologies to Piince