Thursday, August 27, 2009

Land, Prims, Southend and Twaddle

I am a forward thinking Victorian and have built a futuristic home and placed it into Caledon Southend! I showed a few photos of the making of this house some months back but building stalled quite a bit while I played with tiny dresses.
When I sold the railway station plot in Southend to Garnet Psaltry, I had to trim prims. One thing that had to be packed up was the building ledge where the Edwardian was perched.
For the uninitiated- when you own land in SL you have a set
number of prims to the area that you own or rent. That is why economically built items are attractive as a concept for they allow you to have more detail in your environment.

By selling one of my plots I was reducing the number of prims I could have placed out on my virtual land. I can keep what I don't have out on display on file or "inventory" but really the reason I own land in SL is because I like to decorate a little bit of the virtual world to my taste.

So I packed up the railway station with regret and The Edwardian. Honestly, getting that turret room sorted was such a brain drain I needed a bit of a break!
I cant believe how many months have passed since then!
For a while, it seemed like too much bother to find the prim allowance to get it back out again. Finally though I had overdosed on tiny and got back to the house. Wow it was so refreshing to lugging big prims around again.

I made some new textures to get what I wanted. Notably the front and back doors. I need to get into my sculpty thing and make some terracotta finials too.

Ti's done-ish now. In place. A few sticks of furniture scattered. I am pleased :)


HeadBurro Antfarm said...

Hey, that's a lovely house. You're a talented builder :)

I'm looking forward to geting some land in Steelhead soon whereI can build something - I say build, I mean buy - I suck at building :)

Cathy and Audrey said...

Good luck with virtual home ownership :)
Its a lot of fun. Even virtual gardening, with things I didnt make from scratch I love creating the "place".