Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Caledon Birthday Cake Building Competition

Jay advertised the cake competition and all along I hoped to join in but I kept being caught up in things. Rl and SL.
So at the last minute I got stuck into building a cake. I had about 2 hours I believe but before I could finish, Taz woke up in the UK so the cake was abandoned while we chatted.

And so at the last, last minute it was finished.
I popped it in place and it was completely dwarfed. I stretched it a tiny bit so that it didn't vanish when you walked away from it.
And then left it to its devices...

I wasn't in world when the winners were announced...so when I next arrived, I got a tap on the window from Jay and he passed me an object....

A Caledon Games Gold Medal

Jay was telling me I won the Judges Choice!

I was doing the mental skippedy do dah in my head and hardly heard him add that I had also received bronze for Viewers Choice. Last time I had looked I was doing quite badly. How totally amazing!
Above is the cake. If I can rustle up some prims, I will put it out, free to copy and you may all have a celebratory slice

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Fogwoman Gray said...

I heard that "yumminess" was a factor in the judging criteria ;)