Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bunny Mania

Now I explained that some rabbits are rarer than others?
Well I think the truth is.. nothing is rare enough! Or not long anyway!
I got keen to be ahead of things and bought the warren. I couldn't breed those bunnies fast enough and so far the best they have come up with is a bit of a lop and a diamond eye.
Quite unimpressive.
So I put my hand in my pocket and bought two Hotots.
The Eyeliner Bunny
So far my experience has been that buying without research has meant a lot of wasted money as bunnies have thrown random babies. So I chose bunnies with a good background. ~Foggy~ and ~Henrietta~.
These two little bunnies did what they should and after they turned 7 days old, they mated and I added Hot to Trot to my warren. He is a charming boy, just like his dad. No naughty recessive.
I placed him for sale and in a week I haven't had one single interested buyer. Sigh
Now his sister has arrived. I have decided to rent a place in a more populated place but I have this sneaking suspicion that all the markets are populated by people just like me.. people trying to sell bunnies that started too late.
As soon as I can gather enough strength of mind, I will gather my bunnies and pop them into inventory. No point giving them away at the poor prices that bunnies are now attracting.
The up side has been that in the last month I have seen more of SL than in the two years before.
Also I have seen a lot of better building. I think the places I have stayed have become complacent.
I am going to have to figure out how I am going to do better sculpties as the world is marching on!

So, anyway!
I have put Hot to Trot and Hetty Trot for sale together as sibblings.

When you mate siblings you can get mutants so it can attract a premium.
They are up for offers at Moon Rise.

I have a stall there and have peppered photos of the sim here.
It's a cute place :)

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