Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A result!

So I bought the bunny warren...
and I fed the bunnies for weeks
I have given them all the surname Heath so I can tell which come from the warren quickly without having to remember. Heath because they sit on hay, which reminds me of Famous 5 who were forever making beds of heath...
Anyway I got a common gem here, the occasional half lop there... and a whole host of bunny genetic mess. And I was having to hatch lots of nests just to keep the boy:girl ratio sorted. I have been trying to give away all the boys i have accumulated but the action there is slow.
Anyway, a diamond eye came up a few days ago. Thats a bit better than the amethyst ones I had been getting.
Then yesterday I got a full lop, amethyst eyed, radiant amber dutch. Dutchies are my favourites.. but I have a trillion of them already... but still it was a good one.
Cute, huh?
I didn't dare think that my bunnies were warming up to anything but still I held my breath as usual today as I did the rounds....
Lexi Heath, a first generation warren bunny was sitting with a nest......
(that's Lexi in the front)

and nearby lurked a second generation bunny, Rusty. Clearly tuckered out form messing with his aunt!

I touch the nest... and...

Mother: Lexi Heath
Father: Rusty Heath2
Fur: Argent - Creme d'Argent
Eyes: Dark Pink
Ears: Half-a-Lop
Shade: Classic
Creme d'Argents are rapidly becoming common, but are the last rare-ish thing left now. And besides that! they are sooooo pretty.. don't you think?

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