Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Strawberry Festival and elite bunnies

The Strawberry Festival week is upon us. I have no idea, at all, what that means.. except that to celebrate, the makers of our bunnies have deemed that a random number of them will be born "special". There are a few special series out there already. There are alien bunnies that were launched as part of a fundraiser. There are half wrapped in gold foil bunnies from Easter. There are a special elite bunny that only arrives in the last 3 litters of a rabbit. There are hardly any of those around. Every time one of my girls gets to that certain age.. i cross my fingers but so far, I hadn't had a single elite. Then low and behold! I got one yesterday morning! how lucky I thought! So I went into a hatching frenzy.... now I have 7!

1 comment:

Fogwoman Gray said...

That is quite a bunny!
Congratulations on the newest crop :)