Friday, March 25, 2011

The Interview

I arrived on time (no thanks to the traffic) and sat waiting, preparing myself for the written part of the test. It had said I would be given material that I would then have to produce a document from. Potentially a letter.
Well, the kind fellow took me in 5 minutes early and I am sure he gave me extra time. And the task was so easy that I fear I have misunderstood it. I spent 5 minutes working on perfect formatting.

Then on to the interview!
I was given the three questions and 20 minutes to prepare. I had some answers semi prepared, ready to adjust to the exact question. I decided to go with one whole new example of "seeking help from a colleague".
And I thought hard
Sent a txt to my tiger to tell him that I had finished part1, then wondered where the toilet might be in time for a smiling young lady to come shake my hand and lead me off to the interview.

The room had three people. Two younger ladies who smiled, and made eye contact and an older gent who did not make eye contact after first shaking my hand. I had been told not to expect any eye contact but just hurried scribbling, so two smiling ladies put me at ease. At one point though I wished they would scribble something. I hoped I was saying something worth recording.

At last I said something magnificent and they cooed and made notes so I did at least something right. Actually, I think I did as good a job as I could do. I suppose with practice I can do it better, but for the time being I don't regret much from that interview.

We got through to the end and I was elated and could have hi-5ed when the older guy looked up and barked
"but are you comfortable with a keyboard?"

What do you think? I told him I was and didn't let on that actually I am obsessed with all things keyboard :)

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