Monday, March 14, 2011


Hello folk
Sometimes I forget that people are out there listening and I was very pleased to hear your voices after my last post. It was brief but there is a much fuller story behind as you might guess.

In SL I have two corners of land still. A shop in Raglan and a home in Glengary. I think The Glen is a laggier place than Downs was. Don't know why, but the 5 bunnies I have there don't seem able to breed without me interfering... so they don't breed because right now I am not so much into bunnies.
I did say no more bunnies but it seemed too still and lonesome without something bouncing round. So I have a few who insist on hopping out onto Des's land and then autoreturn throws them back into my inventory. Sometime I will build a new shop and a garden so that it all sits better with the landscape.

With less land, my sales of bits and bobs, mostly tiny clothes, are seeing my linden balance actually grow a little so I am self sustaining once more. That means when I get my Internet speed fixed at my new home, I might be able to enjoy SL again.

Meanwhile I am amassing a collection for my new RL. I have been on-line shopping. I have been ebaying and researching. Not all things end up being an EBay purchase but I usually begin there to get an idea of the going rates for things. I pick on a subject then chase it to a conclusion. I have bought two beds and mattresses, 6 chairs, a desk, two sofas, a fridge, a washing machine, a house worth of door handles, kitchen containers, a Christmas tree, doonas, pillows, kitchen utensils, bed linen, a vacuum.........

My current projects are 800mm square tiles for a kitchen splashback and bathroom vanities. The builder's allowance for these is pitiful and unless I shop elsewhere I am going to have less than I want ;)

The result of all this squirreling is that my dining room is now all but inaccessible and my lounge room has two sofa pillars at one end wrapped and ready for the move.

It is fun and it is also a distraction from the more distressful side of my divorce. This is frivolous but there is the underlying sadness and worry. But there is also the core of hope and dreams of what comes next. I am building a nest of dreams.

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