Friday, March 25, 2011

Relay for Life

This time last year I was helping build for the Caledon RFL team. This time, with full time work I don't have time to contend with the lag that is SL. So I haven't been even reading the IMs on the subject let alone joining in.
So I was kinda chuffed when Autopilotpatty asked me to build a lantern for her as part of the RFL activities.
I built the lantern... eventually and Patty was very happy with it and asked if I would be happy to put it in a RFL vendor. Well of course!
Only thing is that I was then sent the vendor to set up! Well with my lag it tool three crashes and the better part of an hour to get it all happening. But it is happening and you can buy a set of three copyable lanterns in the three shades.

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