Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Looking for a Job

There are somethings about my job that are simply great. The people.. the environment, the things we get to deal with every day. It is a wonderful lucky thing. But at the bottom of it all, it is retail. My experience is that in retail everyone thinks you are a bit more stupid than they they are, unless you own the business, which I don't. As a result, the pay is not so great, your successes are attributed to people higher up the food chain and there is no "career path".

So I am looking for another job. I am aiming at lowly levels and the pay there will be several thousand a year more than I currently get. 10 days ago I was requested to do some on line testing as the second round to an application. I was excited. I rather like testing.

Well... oh boy! I managed my time badly and didn't come close to finishing the tests. The first one I could have finished if I had more time and if I had managed my time better. But the second one was plain old hard. By the end of the time there, I wasn't finished but my brain hurt so much it wasn't in the mood to go any longer anyway :)
So I figured I had flunked. I imagined all the youngsters who were still in the exam mode blitzing past me.

Today I got an email.. I am on to the next round! I am above average in the Inductive Reasoning part and well above for Verbal Reasoning. Yay! My brain isn't too old after all.

If I actually get the job, I will die of fright. I do love my job. There are aspects about it that are not so good for me. But I do love it.


Corcosman said...

You are not blogging much, I am not reading blogs much but very happy to see the last two posts. It must have been very exciting to get that news about the test results.

I have a niece who is currently looking for a new field as 'just getting by' is not enough for her. Separated, young child, etc. I gave her a few of my thoughts from being on both sides of the job interview table. She's very bright and will be a real find for her next employer.

The same is true for you. You have unique qualities and experience that a smart employer will recognize and value. Just remember, the employer is hiring because they have a need. And you have more than they ever hoped for in terms of intelligence and experience.

Cathy and Audrey said...

grins: that is a lovely thing to say! I am trying to convince myself of similar lines but have resorted to eating toast at midnight! Interview in 9 hours.....