Friday, September 25, 2009

Athena Zepp, Victoriana and the Frankston Villa!

No time to blog really, I need to get in to work as I am to fetch coffee for the workers... but briefly...
Athena is the first person to buy the Frankston Villa as it has been named ( some one really needs to give me a hand with names for things...looking pleadingly at Taz.....)

She sent me a photo of the newly erected building and I had to go and have a look.
She has done a magnificent job. It looks wonderful and she has furnished it tastefully and appropriately. I am really thrilled!
While I was there admiring her gardening she arrived and I gave her a hand and I have fixed the patio to suit her location too.

I guess in a sim built by Littleblack Duck, another Ozzie, I should hope to find an empathetic neighbourhood for my little Edwardian :)

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