Saturday, September 19, 2009

Reality Check

I pinch my arm.... am I real?
I consider my friends... are they real?
I look to Taz..poke him with a few words to hear his soft snoring ease.. he seems real enough to me.

I am so tired of people believing because SL is a virtual world, that it isn't real.

Please get over it. That notion is so old fashioned.

I know that SL grass doesn't require photosynthesis, I know I am not actually a cat. I know that some people role play. But when I interact with someone as a friend I accept that it can be as real a relationship as I can have in "Real life".

I can be mislead. I can (unintentionally) mislead. I can misunderstand. There is lots of room for error. But if you mix with people who seek to have real relationships and work to achieve that then this whole nonsense that a virtual world leads to inferior relationships can be debunked!

Knowing the real people I mix with in sl is important to me. Not their age, colour sex etc...but their real inner self. If I suspect that I am being held from knowing them, then I have no interest in that relationship.

Relationships need nurturing. Work and effort. That goes for any world you choose to forge them in.
I hope that as a friendship deepens, I will be shown the core of the person I am spending time with. Some people are better at that and some worse. But I do not have the time of day for those who would deceive. And here is where I have trouble defining deception. It is when they manipulate my reaction to them that I feel deceived. Does that make sense?


Fogwoman Gray said...

Well said! And I am finding that I learn more about people by interacting them in a virtual environment generally, as there is less "noise".

Anonymous said...

Yes it makes a huge amount of sense.

I totally agree that anyone can and may as you say so well "I can be mislead. I can (unintentionally) mislead. I can misunderstand. There is lots of room for error."

Therefore forgiveness and understanding is also something we should look for, both in ourselves and in others.