Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Progress Report

I have been building. Naturally.
Well I had to, there are only so many skins a girl needs and my income in SL isn't so large I can be buying dresses everyday... Anyway, I am currently putting some furniture into it. Hunting through inventory, making and buying stuff. I do have the Baron's suite which I pop out any time I need a comfy chair and prims to spare.
I have photographed the two ground floor rooms.
Walk in the front door and you walk straight into the lounge. The lounge can take you through to the study on the same floor, up the stairs to the first floor or out the back through the french doors.

If you look back into the room, you will get this view of the front entry. I have since added a coat rack to the front hall.

The room off the lounge could be a formal dinning room.. but I have set it up as a study.

Tomorrow night, maybe, I will furnish the upstairs rums.

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