Wednesday, September 9, 2009

King Kong in Oxbridge

I heard people in ISC worrying about something in Oxbridge. I had known the horror of the gargoyles there and having learnt their secrets, I rushed to hopefully bring aid to those affected. I was horrified! This monster I saw in the great square was no gargoyle. A much mightier monster!

The air filled with the buzz of planes. All trying to defeat the monster and return him to his own unnatural home. Those plucky pilots were caste to the ground including my dear friend, Elanor Andearton.
When it seemed things could be no worse, we were overwhelmed by the appearance of a giant Santa Clause. No reasoned thought can be made, no sensible sentence uttered when confronted by the sight of these two enormous avatars.

To my enormous fright, the beast approached.....

He scooped me up in his enormous paw.
And to my enormous astonishment, he took me to the roses that I might smell their pixel perfume.
Titan sized Santa turned from terrifying to curious, peeping over Kong's shoulder as Kong gently placed me back onto the ground.

My shock at the treatment left me out of breath, but otherwise unscathed after the gentle care of the giants of Oxbridge

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HeadBurro Antfarm said...

LOL! Fantastic! And I love the idea of the planes buzzing him, too - poor Kong! Will man never learn?