Friday, January 15, 2010


A year ago I went on holidays and I was beside myself worrying about suffering from SL withdrawal.
It's a year on, the addiction has eased its grip and I am enjoying a little away time with ease.

Before I left, I ran round and fed meters.. rent in Victoriana Forest, Victoriana Pavilion, 3 blocks in Caledon Southend and the Heronshire Raglan store. That.. is a fair bit of rent all up!

Fortunately my cottage industry of houses and dresses had put a few cents in my account to offset the expense so it was just a smallish transfer to US then to Linden dollars. I HATE the double exchange.
On the SL website front page they have links to various subjects and today there was "What I hate most about SL". I think the double sting of currencies would have to be my hate, as I really don't hate anything else at all :)

One thing I did forget to do was to pack up my vendors in the middle of Raglan that had been set up for the season's celebrations. I guess someone will parcel it up and send it home if it is meant to be cleaned up before I get "home"

I am enjoying my out of world time and my eyes are feasting on South Coast cottages imagining them turned into SL reality :) Back soon, refreshed !

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HeadBurro Antfarm said...

I used to suffer terribly from SL withdrawl, but after a while a sort of balance is found. Now I miss it when I'm away and enjoy coming back, but I no longer fret :) Hell, at Xmas I actively leave SL as I wind down from EVERYTHING for two weeks :-D