Saturday, January 23, 2010

Making it Tiny

I am making tiny dresses again!
Thinking of Valentines day, i made up a heart in a paisley style and have used it in a texture for a skirt and top for a tiny frock. I may make some sleeves if I can stop patting myself on the back long enough.
I thought if anyone is interested in having a go at this themselves, they might find the process pictures helpful....
First I make the texture for the skirt panels. because Tinies are small I dont have to worry about making the textures repeat.. but if I think I might use them for something else later, I will try to make the pattern seamless.

Then I make a texture for the body. There is a spot of alpha at the neck and this shapes the shirt.

Next the texture is applied to an egg shape just marginally larger than the tummy of my tiny.
And bob is your uncle!

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