Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Meet Torus

On Saturday, I had time free and decided to head along to the auction being held by Carl Metropolitan to raise funds for teaching at Oxbridge.
I almost decided I would spend all that I had on something. Then when the bidding began it quickly became clear I wasn't going to win anything.

Occasionally I threw in a bid to get the ball rolling, Or threw all my lindens at the low bids to get them up where they should be. I didn't however stand a chance of winning with my pitiful Linden balance.
All was not lost however as I got an IM from someone I didn't know - Torus Heliosense. He read my profile and asked me something, I can't remember what. We got chatting and it seems that superficially at least we enjoy similar things about sl.
Actually I got to know Taz way back when he read my profile at a dance held by Soliel Snook. He didn't dance with me... or even talk. But he did read my profile. He IMed a "hello" some time after. Funny thing to do really. Lucky thing as it turned out.
Today I met up with Torus again and we exchanged progress reports on our current projects. Torus makes a version of the game "Truth or Dare" for SL. (Sounds like something I could play with Taz :)... though now I think about it, what havent I said already? )
He is adapting one into a more steampunk style and he is furnishing his home in a similar style-
full of builder's eye candy. A music box full of moving gears is one thing I particularly remember. A bit of a flick to inspect showed that the house was full of things he had made himself, and it made me feel pretty humble.

The downside to my building obsession is that at 1000m where I build, I don't bump into many people so my social life in SL has become more and more constricted. It was a breath of fresh air to go and visit and chat with some one new! So important tip for SL.. write a profile that works for you :)


Edward Pearse, Duke of Argylle said...

Of course you *could* always drag yourself off to a music event or a primtionary thingy. Hermitage is a museum in Moscow, not a way of life :-P

Cathy and Audrey said...

Well.. yes.... it is just this RL.. which leaves me in SL in the unpopular hours of the early morning for the US population. My best hope of fun is if Des has too many land transfers to do and fetches a bottle of red to help him through.
That usually ensures a lively evening :)