Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sad news

I heard today that the typist of AutopilotPaul Qork has died.
Very sad news.
Paul was talking to me just last week about the gallery he was establishing in Caledon. Something I felt quite strongly about, even if for my own reasons.
Paul's plan was to establish a gallery of our RL. Photos from RL, present in our SL. The conversation we had was about my hopeless inability to get anything done even when it is something I want to do. Too many things slide off the edge off my desk-of-things-to-be-doing.
Piles of stuff I could get to if I had time and will. Piles of things I think are worthwhile and interesting too.
(there are also piles of stuff that lurk on the carpet that never make it onto the desk.. things I don't want to do, things I should but don't feel like...)
I was interested in Paul's project because unlike so many in SL, I don't separate RL from SL so this project for me was a bit about embracing both lives.
I am very sad that he has gone and my thoughts are for those who have lost him.

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