Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Miss Saffia on the left at her third rez Day Dance

Today I was looking for a dress to wear to Saffia's rez day party. So I opened my inventory..... that would be eeeeeeeek number 1
Truth is, in 2009, I did not sort my inventory. I did occasionally delete "objects" and lost and found and empty the trash. But no sorting into folders.

Anyway, one thing leading to another, I started rezzing "objects". Discovered a couple of good UFOs. Started texturing and next thing I know, I have retextured one side of the sail of Taz's boat with fretwork. Oh No!
So instead of finding something new to wear, I was busy.

First... photograph remaining side. I put a prim behind it to make it easier to select away the background. Remove all the background with the magic wand.
Second... find a picture of ...... (might as well add a personal touch while I am at it) Slide the two together.
Load, fidget into place. Run away and hope Taz doesn't notice I wrecked his boat..... Finally read notice one last time and realise that I am supposed to be in 1920s gear. I have none, so no point looking. I quickly chose a non-date specific frock and off I go.. just a little late!

That's me in the centre. Eleanor Anderton to the left. Eleanor and I had a lovely time chatting and catching up!
Listening to music from Gabbi :) Lovely times
Happy Rez Day Miss Saffia!

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